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Our Story
Marketmaker Software Ltd was the operator of one of the world’s earliest live betting exchanges ( with the first software development starting in 2006 and the first US only CashOut technology and IP filed in 2007.

We had a long term vision and belief in two significant product innovations. Both of which we brought to market in the UK in 2010. Namely, offering a ‘Cash Out’ button to divest a bet as well as offering horse racing based ’exchange SP’s’.

Marketmaker offers real-time in play market pricing expertise and technology with quant driven cash out offer pricing tissues being bundled with our IP.

Cash Out Option

United States Patent No: US 10,115,157 (PDF)

If you want to do a 5 minute review to understand how our IP assets can be harnessed to add value to your CashOut process the tools are set out below.

To review our 2007 priority Cash Out UX patent in a browser use google patents and click here.

On the webpage search using “control “F”  helpful search terms include: ‘option’  ‘a bet‘  ‘divestment‘  ‘button’  ‘612‘ or ‘single action of the user. 

To understand the customer UX flow; cash out user interaction is with button number 612 (in the diagram no 7).

This is the optional bet divestment button for the operator to optionally sell a new divestment bet and the user to optionally click on it in a ‘single action of the user’.

Exchange SP’s

United States Patent No: US 8,510,205 (PDF)

To review our Exchange SP’s IP in a browser using google patents click and click here.