CashOut with Solution Driven R&D

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Anonymous Data Pooling & Live Feed services.

Cash Out is a novel product which is only really maturing and becoming widespread this last 3 years.

We are already working in partnership with operators to improve the Cash Out experience.  

Tax Efficient R&D & Licencing
A partnership approach to our IP assets adds value and brings OECD approved ‘knowledge box’ tax benefits to partner R&D.  Through licencing our CashOut tech, partners can isolate individual qualifying expenditure from global sportsbook R&D that enhances the IP. Under audit approved R&D, the profits arising from these enhancements globally are subject to corporate tax at 6.25%. 

For information related to licencing our Patented Technologies and software APi’s or to inquire about partnering with us to offer in play CashOut markets with the sharpest prices around.

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Like all things customers love, there is a flip side. All too often a key gripe around Cash Out happens when the offer Button freezes out to re-price. Just read any individual operators customer forum to get a sense of that customer frustration.

All too often, customers betting in play experience frustration with what they feel is excessive or undue repricing. After a Cash Out offer has been made the user clicks and the price disappears. 

Optionally, operators and suppliers can now avail of our anonymously pooled real-time data. Pooling price and volume based Cash Out bid/offer availability anonymously, on over 300,000 events per annum makes a lot of sense.

From a fraud, pricing and risk mitigation point of view joining our data sharing program creates the opportunity to enhance customer experience. It brings you pooled, verified real-time data-sets on Cash Out market pricing and Cash Out volume data.

This builds immense value for your trading teams and gives you future options for process automation around improving the in play customer experience.