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Our Story
Marketmaker Software Ltd was the operator of live sports bet trading exchange oddsfutures.

Our first software development started in Dublin, Ireland in 2006 and our now granted US patents on Cash Out functionality and Exchange SP functionality were published Q1 2007.

In 2006 Marketmaker recognized horse racing and online betting markets needed to create new pre game and in play betting inventory. Taking betting beyond binaries, Marketmaker developed novel UX’s and technologies filing accompanying US patents in 2007. The company’s vision was to create new sports betting user experiences that put emphasis on user retention through engagement, in-play bet divestment and user re-activation.

Marketmaker had a long term vision and its founders a belief; that two distinct sportsbet product innovations, if delivered to customers during dymanic odds changes would transform sports betting industry customer interaction and the user experience by allowing bettors avoid the outcomes of their bets.

Marketmaker’s novel 2006/2007 vision was to invent and bring two distinct sports betting innovations to market, namely; single button functionality to divest and Cash Out an existing bet as well as exchange settlement prices in horse racing and other markets.

Marketmaker US patented our two functional and technical innovations in 2007 and further attempted to partner and licence the products to the major UK operators, including holding investment and product development discussions with Betfair (now Fanduel/Flutter Entertainment) and other operators, as early as Q1 2007.

The b2b software licensing route proved fruitless, despite commercialisation discussions with Betfair and several other UK operators.

Thereafter it took Marketmaker 24 months to complete our betting exchange incorporating our novel bet outcome divestment technology for Cash Out and Exchange Settlement Prices.

Subsequent to our 2007 discussions on investment and licensing with Betfair; Exchange Settlement Prices were introduced by Betfair on horse racing markets 11 months later in early 2008.

True to Marketmaker’s vision, the exchange settlement price product was a godsend for Betfair’s early lay liquidity. The feature Marketmaker proposed was launched and then lauded by Betfair founder Andrew Black as a ‘tough mathematical and logical challenge’, ‘the biggest single add on to the exchange since it launched’ with the ‘scope to become an important product and the foundation stone for a variety of advances down the line’.

Mid 2011, Betfair by then a public company also launched a single-button bet divestment Cash Out product. At the same time, Betfair claimed Cash Out to be its ‘Invention’ on its corporate share marketing website; in press statements, financial literature and subsequent annual reports. A number of operators including bet365 and William Hill quickly replicated the Cash Out product in their sportsbook apps.

Using our own capital and applying our IP and innovations, Oddsfutures launched horse racing markets in partnership with PA Sport track feeds in 2010. By 2012 Oddsfutures had also added extensive sports betting markets, despite a refusal by the operators and exchanges to licence Oddsfutures any API trading access or paid access to market odds data.

Switch forward to today, the Cash Out feature in play is sportsbetting’s biggest user activation feature and the key UX driver of global in play sports betting liquidity.

In fact, if Cash Out were an individual sport, it would be the 4th largest sport in the world in betting volume terms.

  • Offering a ‘Get me Out’ UX button so users can divest and ‘Cash Out’ an existing bet to profit from odds prices.

  • Offering an ’exchange SP’ UX mechanism to lock in a bet settlement exit price at an agreed point in the future.

US patented in 2007, both innovations were offered by 2010 on our oddsfutures exchange before the exchange was closed in 2013 due to competitive factors.

Marketmaker’s Intellectual Property (IP) is now cited as prior art IP by multiple b2b sports betting suppliers and operators including Winview Inc, Colossus Bets, Bspot and from the financial software sector by Wall Street software provider Trading Technologies International Inc.

Marketmaker offers proprietary real-time in play prop bet pricing technology and consulting expertise. Marketmaker supplies proprietary quant driven models as well as our USA  licensed Cash Out and Exchange SP intellectual property.

Today, our licencing offering for operators and software vendors combines enterprise tax efficient R&D bundled with live price data. A typical Marketmaker solution is delivered under a contracted research collaboration partnership.

Our licences solve the problem of a lack of sports betting inventory when the digital marketplace is betting one way.

A contracted research collaboration partnership with us can be harnessed to contribute positively to group EBITDA. This is done through corporate tax planning and the identification of individually qualifying Cash Out products and income across group activity regardless of regulated jurisdiction i.e. the tax deductible treatment of the IP license can also cover non USA Cash Out income and expenditure.

Legal use of our IP add’s longevity to US based consumer LCV by creating, simplifying and transforming the user experience.

IP Listing

Graphical User Interface for Cash Settled Bet Divestment in Odds Based Markets

United States Patent 10,713,721 B2

Systems, methods, and devices, are disclosed in which a graphical user interface is presented. The graphical user interface includes a first interface that displays a plurality of odds selection buttons for making a selection of one or a plurality of time-varying odds offered for trade on one or more outcomes in a betting marketplace and a buy button for communicating the odds selection over a network interface for matching as a bet. The graphical user interface further includes a second interface that displays at least one bet selection button for making a selection of one or more previously matched bets and a sell button for communicating the bet selection over the network interface for divestment of the selected bet. The second interface can be reached directly from the first interface via a single action of a user input device.

Cash Out Option

United States Patent No: US 10,115,157 (PDF)

If you want to do a 5 minute review to understand how Marketmaker’s granted US patents and IP can be harnessed in a research collaboration with your enterprise the tools are set out below.

On the webpage link above search using “control “F”  helpful search terms include: ‘option’  ‘a bet‘  ‘divestment‘  ‘button’  ‘612‘ or ‘single action of the user.

Cash Out user interaction is delivered with button number 612 (depicted in diagram no 7).

This is the optional bet divestment button for the operator to sell a new divestment bet and the user to optionally click on it in a ‘single action of the user’ in order to ‘avoid exposure to the outcome of the event’

Exchange SP’s

United States Patent No: US 8,510,205 (PDF)

This UX creates exchange SP’s as would typically be utilised in horse racing markets on a betting exchange.

This is done in order to guarantee or lock in an obligation (rather than present an option) to settle a bet prior to the outcome in a simpler manner that facilities a more efficient betting product.

The user interface solves the problem of exposure to the outcome of the sporting event and at the same time creates online inventory for each offered betting selection for a given sports event where none was previously available or the user could not be sure to lock in their profits.