CashOut Driven R&D

CashOut your existing Global R&D investment in sports book technology with a transferable IP licence from Marketmaker. Operators & Vendors partner with us by forming a simple research collaboration partnership that pays for itself.

Marketmaker Software is a technology services and intellectual property licensing company operating in online sports book.

Investment in licensing and a research collaboration partnership with Marketmaker Software leverages existing R&D spend on technology and brings tax benefits.

We offer proprietary algorithmic in game pricing feeds and a patented interface & methodology for several innovations.

Using our technology, US regulated vendors and operators can legally divest themselves of existing bets held by customers through use of a tax efficient and US patented ‘Cash Out’ process.

The benefits of licensing Marketmaker’s IP & technology include:

  • Regulated & legal ‘Cash Out’ functionality use in the USA
  • Global corporation tax reductions of up to 50% from holding our licensed IP for R&D purposes across the corporation
  • Using our unique sports betting IP as a runway to rapidly scale internal R&D instead of throwing money at legal & product departments and building IP from scratch
  • Accelerating your proprietary innovations to patent new novel products by building your IP firmly on top of Marketmaker’s long term IP licences
  • Building sustainable competitive advantage over sportsbook competition in the US
  • Getting shared, opt in anonymous real-time data pools on ‘Cash Out’ volume and prices from our licensee network partners to improve and automate trading
  • Obtaining Patent & Business Protection for ‘Cash Out’ functionality and other technologies such as exchange SP’s.
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Although we registered the IP in 2007 and launched our exchange in 2009; Cash Out is a novel product which is only really maturing and becoming widespread this last four years.

Some of the larger European vendors of sportsbook product in the USA actually only introduced Cash Out products to their EU originated and now US facing platforms as late as 2016.

Like all things customers love, there is also a flip side to Cash Out functionality.

All too often a key gripe around Cash Out happens when the offer button freezes out to re-price. This is because it is still a maturing and evolving product. Just read any individual operators customer forum to get a sense of the reputational impact.

We are building the next generation of Cash Out functionality and are driven by industry partnership.

Signing up for a simple research collaboration partnership with Marketmaker allows operators and vendors to legally build that next generation product on a solid globally tax efficient foundation.

As the USA Cash Out product evolves in a different consumer environment, a research collaboration partnership with Marketmaker will create globally tax deductible R&D value in your tech stack.

Research Collaboration also allows you a starting point to jumpstart your own internal IP development program at reduced cost and with a legally binding prior art US patented and protected roadmap already in place.

Through signing up for a research collaboration partnership, operators get to opt in to anonymously share market data with other licensees. From a fraud, trading, pricing and risk mitigation point of view joining our data sharing program makes sense.

For licencees our data sharing program also creates the opportunity to enhance customer experience and propel the product forward in a competitive but networked way. It brings you pooled, verified real-time odds and market data-sets on Cash Out pricing and usage from other Marketmaker licensees.

Tax Efficient R&D & Licencing
A partnership approach to our IP assets adds value and brings OECD approved ‘knowledge box’ tax benefits to your user experience R&D and your treatment of Cash Out related sportsbook functionality. 

Through licencing our Cash Out technology, our partners can isolate Cash Out related functionality by expenditure and revenue as the product of Cash Out related R&D and reduce all related income tax liability by up to 50%.

Dependent on the domicile of the research collaboration partnership put in place, expenditure on related sportsbook functionality where Cash Out has added LCV can also be offset.

In addition, the profits arising from these Cash Out enhancements from the R&D program globally are subject to corporate income tax at rates as low as 6.25% using a modified nexus approach.

This OECD BEPS approved taxation program already exists in multiple jurisdictions including Switzerland, Holland, the United Kingdom and Ireland

For information related to R&D focused licencing of our patented technologies and APi’s or to inquire about partnering to offer official and legal in play Cash Out options to your US customers:

Please email